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How to issue shares on Capdesk



To issue shares on Capdesk, you will need to first add the share class. To add the share class, go to the Shares tab (under Ownership) -> Share classes -> Add Share Class. You can find out more about Share Classes on Capdesk here.



If you would also like to tag the share issuance to a funding round (this will provide a summary of the amount raised and shares issued in the funding round), please create the funding round before recording the share issuance. You can do this by going to the Shares tab -> Rounds -> Add Funding Round. Read more about funding rounds here.



Additionally, if the share issuance is SEIS/EIS and you would like to use the SEIS/EIS feature on Capdesk, please enable this beforehand. You can do this by going to the Settings and Addons tab (under Settings). Scroll down to “EIS/SEIS Addon”, expand (arrow left of EIS/SEIS addon) and tick checkboxes (where relevant) then Save.



Once you have added the share class (and funding round, if applicable), go to the Transactions page (in the Shares tab). Shares button -> Issue Shares -> Either select an existing stakeholder on Capdesk or Add New Buyer instead.


If adding new buyer, choose whether it is a person or a company stakeholder then fill out the relevant stakeholder details. You can also add additional information and upload documents (i.e. shareholder agreement).

Next, you will need to fill out the issuance details (select share class, funding round (if relevant), date of purchase, amount issued and price paid per share). You can also add notes and comments, mark as SEIS/EIS transaction and upload documents (certificate, investment agreement, etc.). Then “Save as Draft”. 

If you have lots of issuances to add to Capdesk, it may be easier to do this by importing the data. You can read more about how to prepare and import the data here (for share issuance only, if you want to include share transfers in the import, then you can find more information here).

[Please note that if the transaction is in draft, the stakeholder will not be notified of holdings until you “Go Live” or publish the transaction.]


Editing the share issuance / transaction:

If the share issuance is in drafts and you have entered the incorrect information for the issuance, you can modify this. Go to Shares tab and you can search for the issuance in the search bar (i.e. search the stakeholders’ name). Then click on the action button (far right with the 3 dots) -> Edit. Update the information and Save.



If the share issuance is published and you have entered the incorrect information, you will need to revoke the issuance and issue the shares again. To revoke the issuance, go to Shares tab and search for the issuance in the search bar (i.e. search the stakeholders’ name). Then click on the action button (far right with the 3 dots) -> Revoke -> add a note for the revocation.

Once revoked, then issue the shares again.







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