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Setting up a holding (investment) company on Capdesk


If you have invested in a company using an investment vehicle such as a holding company and the portfolio company is starting to use Capdesk, you will have to register the company entity on Capdesk and list the shareholders in the company to get access to the portfolio company.

Why does Capdesk require my holding company to register?  

Here is how to set up the holding company:

  1. You have received a notification from a portfolio company that they are starting to use  Capdesk. Find “View Investment” link in the email. The link will take you to a sign-up page.
  2. Sign up and verify email. Be aware that if you select sign up with LinkedIn, the email listed with the company and used on your LinkedIn might not be the same. Capdesk uses email addresses to link you to an investment. So the email used by the portfolio company has to match one on your account. Here is how to add secondary email addresses to your Capdesk account
  3. Account has been created and you are now logged in. Investment is still not showing. if you see this screen. You need to setup the holding company before you can access portfolio. Find "My Capdesk" by clicking the man symbol in the upper right corner and click your name in the drop down.Screen_Shot_2018-03-29_at_15.15.01.png
  4. Claim your company.Click Become Administrator. This will open a wizard which will help to finish the registration.  Screen_Shot_2018-03-29_at_15.17.37.pngCheck the wizard for errors. If the registration number is incorrect. Contact the company's admin before proceeding and ask them to change the registration number.Screen_Shot_2018-03-29_at_15.18.03.png
  5. Succesful registration should result in portfolio company being listed in the holding company's portfolio.Screen_Shot_2018-03-29_at_15.18.57.png
  6. The portfolio will now appear on your login page as well. Note that Capdesk still differentiate between you user profiles i.e. company or person. Use the drop down to navigate between different entities as shown in the picture hereScreen_Shot_2018-03-29_at_15.19.23.png









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