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How do I change my User Setting?


In the 'Welcome' board, you can find your User Setting in the left column.


When clicking this a form will appear with the following tabs:

1. Profile - Here, you can upload your profile picture (Remember! it must be 100*100px), type in your first and last name, choose your nationality and write more about yourself.


2. Address - Type in your current address. This will by synchronised with all your investments.

3. Social - In this section, you can copy and paste links of your social network accounts (first Linkedin, then Twitter). 

4. Account - Here you can change your password

5. Emails - Here you can enter your desired email for your account. The email is how we link you to all investments, so make sure it is the correct one. Should you have used several emails for your investments you can add secondary emails as well.

6. Privacy - By ticking on 'Hide my profile' you decide to be anonymous on Capdesk. Therefore, your personal data will not be shown to other investors in the Investors' list. However, the company you invested in will still see your personal data.

If you previously chose to Hide your profile and you want to show it now, untick 'Hide my profile'.

7. Notifications - By ticking on 'Send important notifications by email', you choose to be emailed whenever the company posts Investors' updates.

You can always unsubscribe from email notifications by selecting the link 'Unsubscribe' in any email received, which will lead you to the Settings window. Then, untick 'Mail Notifications'.


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