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In order to create a piece of news navigate to the news page.


From the news page you can:

Add news 

You can add a new article by clicking on 'Add news'. 

This will open a news form, where you can compose your news. On the form you have the option to:

- Upload a cover photo for the news. If no cover is added, we will use your company cover photo

- Compose a header

- Compose your message

- Add a news category

- Add links

- Add documents





Check the box 'Publish news upon save' and click the button save in order to publish the news.


If you want to mail the news, check the box called 'Send this news to investors as an email'. When doing so, you will be able to see a preview of the mail or send a copy to yourself. When clicking save, a mail will be sent to all your investors.


Edit/Delete News

From the news page you can also edit or delete pieces of news. Simply click 'edit' or 'delete' at the top right of the news cover photo.


News Statistics

On the top right of the cover photo, you will also find a link called 'statistics'. This gives you an opportunity to monitor the open rate and other statistics for your mails.


Read news 

In order to read each specific piece of news click the 'Show content' button in order to expand the news. If you have turned comments on, you will also be able to read or write comments.


You can filter the news wall by categories by clicking on the categories at the right of the news wall



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