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View and modify stakeholders' details


You can view a stakeholders’ details by going to the Cap Table tab (under Ownership) -> Find the stakeholder (use the search bar) -> Click on stakeholders’ name.

You will see a side bar on the left with the stakeholders’ details including:

Basic Information: Category, ID, Name and Email

Profile: the current settings for the stakeholder.

Address: the address of the stakeholder

Portfolio: any other companies the stakeholder has invested in

Notes and Comments: any additional notes and comments included



To modify a stakeholders’ details, go to the Cap Table tab (under Ownership) -> Find the stakeholder (use the search bar) -> action button (far right with the 3 dots) -> Modify Stakeholder.



You can edit their personal details, add any additional details/notes/ comments and upload documents.



If the stakeholder has signed up to Capdesk, you cannot update their personal details. This information is locked to them and you will not be able to update it. You will need to contact the stakeholder to make any changes.

You can still add notes and comments and upload documents to the stakeholder.




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