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Transfer shares


In order to transfer shares, you will need to navigate to the investor list


There are three ways to transfer shares on the investor list

1. Add investor

Open wizard: Click on the button 'Add investor' and choose 'Transfer shares'. This will open a transaction wizard. 

Add seller: On the first page, you will need to search for the investor who is selling his shares.


Add buyer: On the next page you will need to add a buyer. If he is already an investor you can search for him, if he is not then click 'Or add a new buyer instead'

Transfer Details: The last page is where you specify the details of the transaction. Please specify the share class, purchase date, registration date, quantity of shares, price of shares and upload any relevant documents to the transaction.

When finished you can choose to save the transaction as a draft or to publish the transaction and notify both investors. 

After publishing the transaction, you can see the transaction on the transaction page


2. Transfer from list

You can also choose to transfer shares directly from investor list. Simply choose the seller from the investor's list using the action button (...) at the very right. Choose transfer shares from the drop down and finish the wizard as described above.


3. Import investors

When importing investors you can also import transfers. Read the full guide here


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