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The transaction page


The transaction page is where you can get an overview of all your share transactions

In order to view the transaction list. Navigate to the page called 'share transactions' located on the left menu.


On the transaction page you will see the following columns:

Type: This show you the type of transaction

Class: Which share class the transaction includes

Seller: The seller of the shares. When issuing new shares the seller is the company.

Buyer: The buyer of the shares

Shares: The quantity of shares in the transaction

Price per share: The price of shares in the transaction

Purchased: The date of purchase

Updated: When the transaction has been updated

Status: This status indicates whether or not the transaction is published

Action button (...) This button allows you to revoke a published transaction and to delete or modify a draft. 


View transactions details

Click on the highlighted transaction type to view the details of a specific transaction. When doing so a form will show. This form will show details and documents to the specific transaction.


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