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Share numbers


Share numbers is a compliance needed in some European countries. According to compliance, all shares must have a unique share number. 

In order to use share numbers on Capdesk, you need to create a company from a country that requires shares numbers (Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands etc). Then navigate to the company settings and locate the 'Edit Company Settings'. Here you will find a field called 'use share numbers'. Check the box in order to turn on the share number function.

You can also turn on 'Use number series per share class'. This is for companies that have different share numbers for different share classes. 



There are 3 ways you can add share numbers to your transactions:


When adding an investor you will see a field called share numbers. Here you can choose to either 

1. Manual enter share number: This allows you to write the share number yourself. The system will tell you if the number is already in use

2. Auto generation: The system will auto generate a share number based on previous entries. If issuing the first 5 shares then the share number will be from 1-5. The next transaction will start from 6 and so forth. 


You can also choose to add the share numbers when importing investors

3. Import CSV: Simple add a column in your spreadsheet called 'share numbers' and add the share number for each transaction.







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