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Add an investor (issue shares)


In order to add an investor, you will need to issue shares to the user. 

You can issue shares by:

1. The Import Function

2. By using the 'Add investor' button

When looking at the investor list, there is a button above the list called 'Add Investor'. When clicking this button a drop-down menu will appear with the following options: issue shares, transfer shares, import investors.


Click the 'Issue shares' link and a new form will appear. 

Find or add shareholder The first step will allow you to search for an existing shareholder or add a new share. Search for an existing shareholder by searching for mail or name and pick the shareholder from the list. This will save you valuable time. 

If the shareholder is not already a user then click the button 'Or add a new buyer instead'


Choose investor type 

On this page, you submit the key information for the shareholder. On the form, you will see the following field 'Investor type'. Here you can indicate whether the investor is holding the shares through a legal company or as a legal person. 


The forms below will be different from which investor type you have chosen.


a. How to issue shares to a person

b. How to issue share to a company 


3. Issue shares from the investor's list

If the investor is already registered on Capdesk, you can issue share to him directly from the investor's list. Locate the investor on the list and click the action button at the right (...). A drop-down will appear allowing you to: modify, transfer or issue shares. Choose issue shares and complete your transaction. 


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