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How to issue shares to a person


Shares can be issued to companies or private individuals (in Capdesk known as "Legal persons"). Please note an added shareholder, will be notified through mail if the transaction is published.

This support video will teach you how to issue shares to a legal person: 


Terms to understand:

Legal Person - a private individual investing directly in the company. Not through a holding company or other entity with a legal form.

Personal ID - a national unique identifier for persons

Pledges and liens - all claims against this asset (investors shareholding). Is used if a shareholder has used the shares as collateral in obtaining a loan or other financial promise.

Share class - a company can have multiple share classes. Any given share class can hold different rights against the issuer company. In Capdesk share, classes are controlled by the admin using the Share Class tool. See more here: Support article about share classes

Funding rounds - a term to explain different stages of when a company has raised equity financing. In Capdesk funding rounds can be modified or created using the "Funding Round" tool. 

Transaction Origin - a new share issuance can have different points of origin. It can be a new share issuance to an existing or a new investor or it can be created of shares that have already been promised to someone i.e. through warrants or options. It can also be that a company is issuing shares to an option pool. Capdesk supports these scenarios by offering different transaction origins. You can choose "Standard" which is a new issuance, "Excercise" which is an employee or other stakeholder making use of a right to purchase options or warrants, finally, it can be an "Option Pool" which is an issuance of shares to the companies treasury or option pool. In short, these are shares that has been issued and counts in shares outstanding but has no rights towards the company.

Registration date - a registration date is a date when the share purchase was registered with the relevant authorities i.e. the date a share purchase was made official.





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