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The Investor List


The investor's list can be found be navigating to the page called ‘Investors’ in the company page menu.



The investor's page contains a summary of all shareholders in the company. From this page you can perform several actions:

Issue shares 

Transfer shares 

Modify investor

Import investors 

Mail investors 


The table shown on the page contains the following columns:


Name: Name of shareholder and link to personal profile (insert link to article)

Category: The category for the shareholder

Shares: How many shares the shareholders has

Votes: How many votes the shareholder has

Share classes: Which share classes the shareholder posses


If clicking on the arrow at the left of each shareholder a dropdown will appear showing all the transactions for the specific shareholder.


From this drop-down, you can choose to see details for each transaction by clicking on the text ‘view transactions’


A new table will appear showing:

Purchased: The date of purchase

Type: Which type of transaction it is

Price per share: The price per share

Quantity: The quantity of shares bought

Cost: Total cost of shares purchased

Balance: Total balance of shares after the transactions


In the top left corner you can choose to include revoked transactions. This will show any transactions the company have chosen to revoke.


From here you can see even more details about the transaction by clicking the highlighted transaction type. When doing this a popup will appear showing a detailed summary including documents attached to the transaction.


At the top of the investor's list, you will find a button called ‘Filter by…’


When clicking on this a dropdown will appear showing the following fields:

Name, email or reg. no: This field allows you to search for a shareholder by name, mail or company registration number.

Choose date: This function allows you to view how your shareholder register looked like a specific date back in time

Include drafts: By checking this box you will be able to see all your draft transactions (insert link) on the investor's list.

Clear all: This will clear all previous search criteria's


The action button on the right of each shareholder. A circle with three dots. Allows you to modify, transfer or issue shares to a shareholder directly from the list.




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