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The Portfolio Page


The Portfolio Page


The portfolio page is where companies can see it’s own investments. This feature is most likely used for holding companies, SPV’s or funds.


In order to connect an investment to your company. The portfolio company will need to add a transaction with your registration number. Once this is done, the investment will show up in a table on the portfolio page.

In the table you will see the following columns:

Name: Name of the company

Country: Country

Shares: The total amount of shares you hold in the company

Votes: Shows the number of votes you have in the company

Amount invested: Total amount invested

Share classes: The type of shares you have acquired.


You can see the specifics for each transaction by clicking on the arrow on the left.


You can ping a portfolio company to create an account by clicking on the ‘Ping Company’ button.


A form will appear allowing you to sent a mail directly to the company. Just insert the correct mail and write a message.




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