Edit Company

Edit Company


In order to edit your company settings, you need to locate the ‘Edit Company’ button located in the cover photo.


When clicking the button a dropdown will appear. The drop down will show 3 pages: Legal, Profile & Settings




On the legal page you will find all the legal details about your company, such as the name, address, mail and formation date.



The profile page contains less formal information about your company such as: cover photo, logo, short description, cover photo and social links.




The setting page is where you can choose settings for your company. Here you will find the following options


Disable comments: This is an option to disable the comment field below each piece of news.


Disable collaboration: Gives you the possibility to disable the collaboration page or edit the text seen at the top.

Make all investors anonymous: All investors are by default anonymous. However each investor can choose to by public, whereby they will be able to view other public shareholder. If you would like to make all shareholders anonymous, even the one that wants to be public. You can do this by checking this box.

Hide investor email: Public investors can view each other's mails. By checking this box you can disable this function.

Currency: This is where you choose the standard currency for your shareholding.




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