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The Investment room


In order to navigate the investment room, you need to ensure you are viewing Capdesk in the ‘investor view’. In order to ensure this, you will need to click the profile photo on the top right corner and choose the view investments.


The investments page is visible in the left menu and called ‘investments’.



 On the table, you will see a summary of all your investments across your portfolio. Should you manage a fund or holding company with other investments a dropdown will be visible. From the dropdown, you can see your investments from other funds or holdings you manage.




In the investment table you will see the following columns:

Name: Name of the company

Country: Country of the company

Shares: How many shares you hold in the company

Votes: How many votes you have in the given company

Amount: Total amount invested in the given currency

Share class: Which share classes you have invested in


In order to see all transactions for each company simply press the arrow at the left of the company logo. You will then see a drop-down menu showing all transactions.




Click on a transaction to see the details. A new table will appear showing:

Purchased: The date of purchase

Type: Which type of transaction it is

Price per share: The price per share

Quantity: The quantity of shares bought

Cost: Total cost of shares purchased

Balance: Total balance of shares after the transactions

In the top left corner, you can choose to include revoked transactions. This will show any transactions the company have chosen to revoke.


You can see even more details about the transaction by clicking the highlighted transaction type. When doing this a popup will appear showing a detailed summary including documents attached to the transaction.




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