Share classes

A share class is a designation applied to a specified type of security for example common stock. Companies that have more than one share class usually identify a given class with alphabetic markers i.e. A Shares, B Shares etc. each share class can have different rights to the company. Capdesk share classes overview provides admins with the opportunity to give shareholders a simple overview of their rights. Below you can read what is intended with the designated fields in the Share Class section.


The description field is an additional text field added for admins who wants to give shareholders a more human explanation to understand their share class and rights i.e. "this share class was created for crowd investors who participated in our crowd round on platform XYZ"


Voting rights:

Assign the number of votes that each share of a particular share class holds. Assigning the number of votes will be reflected in the investor list where one of the tabs is used to show the voting power of individual investors. The default voting right in Capdesk is 0 (zero). The picture below show where voting rights is visible.


Nominal value:

A nominal value is the stated value of an issued share. Sometimes referred to as face value or par value. Disregards an item's market value and should not be confused with price per share.

Setting the nominal value in Capdesk will affect the computed share capital of the company (the part of the capital of a company that comes from the issue of shares). Share capital is calculated by the number of shares outstanding multiplied by the shares nominal value. This information is shown above the share class overview:



A brief and concise overview of the rights affiliated to this particular share class. For example: "A. Has the right to one vote on the general assembly B. Right to participate in dividends C. Right to participate in a distribution of capital D. Non-redeemable E. Pre-emption rights on new share issuances.



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